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$340.00 - $375.00

Turn-key PID controller comes assembled with 2 PIDs (TWIDEC MV100-B10 or -B11, black frame; or TMCON LCD PIDs), heater on/off switches, NEMA5-15P power (120V AC) and braided cables. Each heater controlled by a heavy duty rocker switch (250V-20A). Clean build, plug-and-play ready for 3x5" or 3x6" aluminum platens (optional 4 heaters (2 heaters/platen) and 2 thermocouples). Units in Celsius (regulated up to 400C, but only recommend up to 130C). Each unit is rigorously tested, equilibrated, and validated prior to shipment and customer support is available upon request. Pairs perfect with DIY presses and cages requiring 9x60mm heater cartridges (120W each, 110V AC). Can also match to other DIY designs and projects (<6A heaters total or 480W of heat output @ 110V AC), please email us for more info. Comes in black or white custom rail box. Custom colors may be available upon request depending on availability.

Image of 2PID-TMC Image of 2PID-TMC Image of 2PID-TMC
Image of 1PID-TMC Image of 1PID-TMC
Image of PID PACK Image of PID PACK
$60.00 — On sale
Image of PID KIT Image of PID KIT
$175.00 — Coming soon
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